Happy Thanksgiving! A bit late -- but that's just how I roll. I do think about my blog and all, but I rather spend every second living life and then reminiscing about it. Sorry that I haven't responded to anything. It's not you, it's me. I haven't even responded to a few people I know in real life. I just needed a vacation, after running around and using up all my energy on advertising materials for various magazines the past 2 weeks. I always get nervous sending off my work, even though I've done it so many times. I'm a perfectionist and it's hard to let go without double checking and triple checking. It stresses me out. One day I'll make a post about my design work, but for now I want to bring the focus back to my outfit the past few days...because I went shopping on black friday :)

This was what I wore on Thanksgiving...

Fur vest from Nordstroms, American Apparel henley shirt dress, H&M lace leggings, Miu Miu patchwork wedges, vintage Christian Dior belt.

Yes I take things a bit literal sometimes, but its all for fun. I'm showing my spirit for the holiday, this is my version of a pilgram - though you won't catch me wearing a red/green combo for Christmas!

The great thing about working for a fashion company is that I get all my shopping done fast - so black friday wasn't spent buying gifts for friends and family, but for my own consumerism. My bf and I headed out to South Coast Plaza for some retail damaging at 6pm to avoid all the crazy shoppers. I was pretty happy making that decision since I hate crowded, unorganized places because it stresses me out. By the end of the night I came back with a new lovely bag.

jimmy choo x h&m leather pants, bcbg 'mendel' wedge boots, olivia harris 'baby ball' bag

I love this bag! it's everything I've been looking for - small enough to carry at night, and blends into my wardrobe nicely. People on the streets have stopped and asked me about my shoes a lot, these particular boots I got at the BCBG store when they had a promotion where they'll take $100 off every $300 you spend. These being about $600, I got $200 off which was a pretty sweet deal. I was in awe at the store and couldn't take them off, the cushion pads that are sewn inside makes them so comfortable to wear - fits like a glove and I feel so tall!

Btw, I didn't wear them to go shopping (can you imagine shopping for 4 hrs in 5 inchers?). I wore the jimmy choo x h&m studded alligator brogues instead which I still need to photograph them in an outfit. I'm surprised that there is still a whole lot left at h&m. They're the best shoes on the market right now - go grab yourself a pair!


h&m sweater, patch denim jeans, theory silk tank, alice & olivia for payless wedge boots

It's finally cold enough to wear thick sweaters and jackets here in LA. I did some retail damaging this past weekend and pictured here are a few purchases. I love this sweater/bolero thing from h&m. It's so cozy and a bit oversized with interesting shape.

I also love the patch work denim from h&m too. It reminds me of the 70s. The boots aren't new, but it's the first time I took a pic with them. I felt that the sweater material used were so rough and the color was a lighter grey that I didn't like, so I snipped them off and plan to put faux fur in place..or maybe just make some fur leg warmers so I can wear it with other shoes.

I think this would look great as a scarf too.

How do you like my random yellow socks? My outfit didn't really match these shoes so I grabbed my roommate's hand painted frames and cropped in my legs. Live Art Exhibit: Miu Miu Patch-work Wooden Wedges!

I found them 65% off at Barney's and couldn't resist. Maybe it was the patch-work denim jeans that put me in the wagon. But I love them and I can picture a lot of items in my closet that will go well with these babies.


Oh the Holidays, it's that time of the year to do some extra spending. This year on my list are these amazing bags by BOYY. The rest of my holiday wishlist to come.

The last I thought about buying a new bag was almost a year ago. Still haven't found the "one" small bag that I can carry at night when I go out and these look amazing!

I love these 2 bags (Saul and Loui). Large and can fit many work related things.

but I'm gravitating towards purchasing this bag, Slash. It's not too big and not too small. Perfect for everyday. Which is also what I'm looking for. I'm afraid my Foley + Corinna bag is slowly deteriorating from throwing it all over the place, but I do like that vintage leather feel that I'm giving it.

Anyways, this bag is calling my name and I'm trying to decide whether I want the Slash Calf or the Limited....


I absolutely love these! When I first saw them on hm.com I knew I had to have them. I've been trying to find new stylish flats to wear to work. I had these studded ballet flats from Bakers that I wore to death and needed a replacement. These shoes are perfect! I can think of so many ways to wear them. Don't you just love how shoes can inspire you to come up with new ways to dress?

Ever since I saw the collection from MG Black at the Gen Art fashion show I've been dying to dress with a little more menswear. The unisex appeal has never looked so good. I have collected quiet a few images to further elevate my latest obsession..I'll post them up some day when I stop being lazy...or take an outfit pic for once! I blame it on the weather.

I've also updated my little shop Closet of Geometry with some more old shoes of mine. I'm trying to clean out my shoe closet to make some room. Pretty soon I will stock up some faux fur coats, vests, jackets, cardigans, sweaters..etc =)

PS: look who is on American Apparel? A lovely AA staff contacted me if they could dispay one of my photos. =)


If you're a Hello Kitty fan and live in LA you should definitely check out the Hello Kitty 35th anniversary exhibit that's going on. I think it ends this weekend. It was pretty surreal experience as I've never been to Royal/T. It's a nifty Japanese cosplay tea house and hosts art exhibits.

I'm just wondering why I haven't heard of this until now. I've been searching for a good asian tea house that serves good milk tea around my vicinity for awhile and glad to know that the art district of Culver City is flourishing with neat things here and there.

Katy Perry's outfit

Paris Hilton's outfit

I know this isn't Hello Kitty, but I LOVE this piece. I think it's made of swarovski crystals.

I've been living in this vintage leopard cotton blazer lately. Wish it was thicker so I can actually wear it in the coming winter...knowing me, I'll make it work some how. Maybe add some type of lining inside. Any suggestions?

all the waitresses wore this lolita french maid outfit. so cute :)

we ordered the 3 tier tea snacks and this cupcake had a ring on it

surprisingly good sandwich

made my bf wear the ring and drink tea like a lady..haha

blazer with sweats..the most comfortable thing i've discovered..oh and an android hello kitty

the lady gaga x hello kitty campaign

was playing with the depth of field, hello kitty ornaments, clear cases and discovered how cool of an effect it is....dreamy :)


My apologies for being so late on this, I'm a pretty busy girl! I was invited by a lovely PR girl that was working with Plastic Makes it Possible and Becs of Style with Benefits to attend the Gen Art Fresh Faces of Fashion show last Thursday. Luckily it was in my neighborhood because I was only able to change my flats into heels and grabbed my camera after work, headed to my friend Maeva's and waited for her to get ready. Very last minute indeed, but was so glad I got to finally meet Becs and her equally stylish twin Melanie.

(backstage: Becs, Maeva, Me, Melanie)

Though you could barely see in the photo (credit to becs). I was wearing a vintage Escada tuxedo blazer, black sheer tee from Express, BCBG necklace, F21 jeans and LAMB 'Cho' heels.

It's a bit surreal meeting people who you've only been reading, commenting, and looking at photos behind the screen. Glad that Becs is as fun as her photos portray her to be. It felt like we've already met before. And of course, saying hi to other bloggers that attended like Neekoh of Live Love LA, Raych of That's Chic, and Krystal of What is Reality Anyways? Wished I knew the links of other bloggers that I met that night because they're all lovely people. Though I didn't stay after the show (the boyfriend was waiting for me to go to dinner), I still had a great time!

It's going to be a long post, so I've put some outfits I like from each designers and then the line up to keep it short and sweet.

the cat walk

amazing fur coat during the pre-reception

backstage line up

this girl, who ever this was had a pretty cool blazer on

she looked almost like a mixture of Greek meets Pocahontas

moments before the show

these 2 girls looked important, but not sure who they were.

Layendecker started the show and I really like the mixture of texture in their collection. Very cool cut out leggings that created an illusion it was part of the sandals.

I thought that the layering shapes they've introduced in this collection were fun, but nothing that we haven't seen before. Not saying that it's a bad thing, because majority of us go through our basics pretty fast. Overall, I say its a very complete collection.

Okay, so I couldn't decide on ONE photo to feature from Erik Hart's new menswear label. When designing menswear, detail is everything while keeping the tailored look as structured as possible and I think this one won my heart. Kept some photos just to show my boyfriend to give him some styling points and I also loved that 2 female models walked the runway (first shot) in this transgenderable collection. I could put a few of these in my closet for sure.

Honestly felt that this was true to what Rock Fashion Week should feel like. Something provoking, intense, and passionate. Probably something that you would see in our Avant Garde designers. Love the converse, bondage, kimono inspired, ink spills, and exaggerated shapes.

At the end of the runway, a dancer came out and gave such an emotionally charged performance. It told the story of her collection without a word.

Rory Beca brought us back to our sweet spot at the end of the show. These whimsical, flowy, and girly pieces were delicious. I was still eying for shape and movement from Pobega's collection and found a few here that I liked.

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