I've been seeing a lot of rainbow elements and colorful photography as of late. It must be that Spring is right around the corner, but last week's rain gave me a cold and I've been sick for a week now. Took this day off to get some good sleep, but I'm always thinking about work and my responsibilities. If I'm not in the office, I'm at home planning the next day.

So often times, when I'm browsing and researching the net..whether its in design, photography, or fashion, I am the most captivated by something that communicates - emotions in a free spirit kind of way, feminine but with a hint of mystery, reminisce of the past, and an answer to a question you subconsciously asked. I guess I try to imagine what it's like being on the other end and feeling what is meant to be felt in a dream world.

images found from various sources. as you may have notice..i love prada!

on another note..my boyfriend and i have been looking for a new place to live for the past month. it's our first time moving in together so it's kind of a big deal. we found a pretty cute place and are moving in this weekend. i semi packed stuff, but after getting sick i really don't have the energy to carry boxes - but at the same time i'm excited! the next post i'll make will be in my new home, promise to update more after the move :)


We made it back in CA just in time for NYE, decided to skip the partying in SF and headed to Pacifica for a more relaxed beachy celebration. We ate at this nice Japanese restaurant and bought a bottle of champagne and watched the countdown from our beach front hotel at the Lighthouse.

the view from our hotel room

Sometimes I get really eager to wear new items I buy while traveling. This was one of those moments. Zara leather jacket, Bycorpus x UO snow leopard dress, vintage Christian Lacroix belt that I got from Avalon vintage in Portland - a total gem! It has gold hearts and leaves, thigh high suede boots bought from H&M in San Francisco.

I don't really keep track of the things my boyfriend buys, but I do know that silver blazer is from H&M and he made that plaid scarfy thing a long time ago.

Next morning we went over to Nick's which was across the street. I decided to start the day early with a glass of bloody mary. They actually put red pepper in the drink.

This is what the edge of California looks like. Isn't it interesting? It's very hilly and all mountain. We stopped off at one point to take pics of the view.

I got this vintage 80s Missoni cardigan just in time for the trip! Didn't get a chance to wear it until we got back to CA...what a great representation of the bright sunny weather of this place. It was awfully windy too and I couldn't keep my hair tamed. Silk blouse by H&M, High waist skinnies by J Brand, Nine West lace up boots, and Luella x Linda Farrow sunnies.

Happy cows comes from California cows..hehe.

and this completes the roadtrip series! :)


Here are a few more photos in continuation of the last post!

We visited Powell bookstore. The first time I wanted to check out the design section to get my study on.

Dinner at a fancy butcher shop called Laurelhurst Market. I had the Tournedoes Rossini..so freakin good! I forgot what that drink is called but the ice smelled like smokey barbeque.

The next day of our Portland trip we headed to see the Pittock Mansion. I only anticipate it to rain and wore my wellies, but couple of flakes came down outside the window of Mother's Bistro (they have the most amazing matzo ball soup ever!) where we ate lunch. Just watching how the flakes fall made me smile.

This was a ceiling of one of the foyers, so amazing.

I love how they had a Christmas theme for the holidays. It was pretty fun to walk around and check out vintage fixtures they restored. Really wish we still use stove like those.

peeking through the window

We were too busy playing with the snow and checking things out that I forgot about taking a full shot of my outfit. Pretty much the same few as the last post except with a Diane Von Furstenburg leopard print leggings, zara silk blouse, f21 houndstooth scarf and vest, and hunter wellington boots. My boyfriend bought the same color too so we had matching boots.


After going through couple of rainbows we finally reached Seattle. We only stopped by for a few hours before heading all the way back to CA. The public market center is 10 times better than the farmer's market here..in my opinion. They have 2 levels and lots of unique things.

I found an antique store up the hill and spent the remainder of daylight there. My boyfriend got upset because he really wanted clam chowder, but all the shops closed by the time I was done getting lost in the antique store. We asked a local where we could find good clam chowder and he directed us to Ivar's Acres of Clams.

Little did we know that it was right by the ferry trams. I was so enthralled by the fact that cars can drive onto a boat and drive off on the other side! So it was a semi success of visiting Seattle. BF got the best clam chowder ever made and I had a dozen oysters, and didn't do any sight seeing...but we did walk by this one store....

with lovely window displays! It really made me want to wear candy as art!

I have 2 more posts from my trip before I make any fashion posts from the current times, haha. I hope you all enjoy these!

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