2 months ago I thought vacation wouldn't come any sooner, and now I will be leaving tonight after dinner with my family. I haven't packed or figured out what I'll be doing during my trip yet, so far I only know that we booked 4 days at the Galleria Park Hotel near Union Square. It's from the same property management as the bed & breakfast I stayed at during the cherry blossom festival and it was a marvelous stay. Hope this place will be just as great, if not better. For Portland, we're thinking of just finding a place when we get there so we wouldn't be tied to a schedule in our travel. I love being spontaneous..I want to go everywhere and see everything, less shopping and more exploring. Sadly I won't be keeping up to date during my travels as I sold my laptop recently and haven't got a replacement, but I can still update/keep in touch through my twitter if you're curious of my adventure.

I will be in SF from 12/24-12/27, Portland & Seattle from 12/28-01/02

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and see you next year!


It's never too late for a wishlist! Nobody really buys me anything I want anyways so it's really up to me to make this list come true...
I've been obsessed with this sweater and all the colors from the Fall 09 runway the moment I saw the collection. I would search high and low for something similar because...where can I even find Dries Van Noten besides ebay?? I thought perhaps 80s oversized mohair sweater would be easy to find, but I haven't had any luck.
Most people here don't know, but I am obsessed with bows. I have a number of items with bows or a resemblance of a bow. They're mostly left over from my craze for lolita styles back in the day (sometimes I still get crazy over anything lolita and I can't help myself).

3. Vintage Leopard print ascot blouse by Wayne Clark
I tore out couple of looks from one of my favorite Japanese fashion magazine, Spur (same story as the picture with the Dries sweater) to copycat some styles. One of the looks had a leopard print ascot blouse and trench coat with boyfriend jeans, and it was so cool and casual.

4. Turquoise Arty Oval ring by YSL (pre-ordered!!)
Like many many people in the world who covet things ring, I too am in love. I couldn't believe it when I found out that Saks is doing a pre-order for new shipments!! Without hesitation I jumped on the list because I don't want to miss out on it again.

5. Vintage Red double breast blazer
Stand out like no other, this bright red blazer with leopard print anything. It's a holiday seduction. Which reminds me, I just recently bought a couple of lip shades. After seeing all the Maybelline commercials on TV..I couldn't resist buying shades of red.

Sadly, I missed the sales for these..and now they're sold out everywhere! Except on farfetch.com, which priced to kill...as if they bought out all shoes just to resell them at a higher price. *sigh*

I've been doing a lot of online shopping, mostly because I didn't go out this weekend for being under the weather and other reasons that doesn't need mentioning here..but I can't wait to receive these items!

1. Vintage 80's Tan Cape
What a cool find..and so Chloe-esque!! I hope to get it before my roadtrip. It looks sorta like a rain coat except its a form of heavy cotton and not waterproof sadly...but it sure looks nice.

2. Vintage Gold Costume Ring
Cool amethyst crystal ring with a secret compartment. I wouldn't know what to put there, but it creates a mountain on my finger. Wonder if YSL was inspired by these vintage costume rings or vice versa??

3. Hunter Original Tall Welly Boots
Some may recognize these from photos of Kate Moss and find it fashionable. It's also necessary for a winter roadtrip..especially going up north! I originally wanted a light pink color, but it's sold out and was left with not knowing which color to pick, so I opted for a black pair - When in doubt, black is always the right choice (at least for me). I bought them from endless.com, I love the fact that they have free overnight shipping! Perfect for last minute shopping.

4. Vintage Fox Fur Boa
My boyfriend always says to me every time I want fur, "Peta is going to throw red paint at you." And I always justify by saying.."it's vintage!" Honestly though, the only real fur I wear are all vintage. I think recycled fur is fine..but buying new fur is like killing new animal, so I don't know about that.

5. Vintage 80s Missoni Cardigan with all over face print
Isn't this so crazy?? Pop art of the 80s! My jaws dropped when I saw this on eBay. I had to buy it for the art...heck I buy clothes for art's sake anyways. One time I explained to someone how I like to collect things, various things, anything amusing and unique. Maybe I don't wear all my clothes, but I do love them for the art. And I guess fashion is how you style the art pieces that you buy...adding/subtracting elements to create masterpieces.


catherine baba
catherine baba
catherine baba

I honestly don't have a muse, I am inspired by those around me but never a muse..up until I saw these stunning photos of Catherine Baba on Jak & Jil. How could anyone not love her? She's exquisite and isn't afraid of color (something that I have stripped away and trying to paint back)..plus she also rides a bike in heels! These photos are so outstanding that I am going to print it out and hang them. I mean..look at her, she seems to be the only one alive from the sea of neutrals and monochrome.

The last time I biked was a couple months back, and people were surprised and giving me props for biking in heels..but they were stacked heels so it wasn't too hard at all, unlike the ones seen on Ms. Baba. I would hate to get the heel caught in the petal, but they sure are eye candy.

This is giving me inspiration to ride my bike more, maybe I could add this to my new years resolution..that and getting a gym membership!


h&m ruffle blazer, f21 tank and scarf, target opaque tights, balenciaga (pre-fall 08) boots, olivia harris 'baby ball' bag

I haven't worn these boots in awhile, and it's nice to bring them back out of the box! The smell and feel of the soft leather makes me feel all luxe inside. My boyfriend calls them my anime boots, because well..they look like space boots with the slouchy and flair illusion. They are hard to walk in because of the pointy toes and heel without platform (makes it run smaller because it pushes your feet forward to the point). I thought they fit fine when I tried them on and did a little twirl when I first got them, but after walking on the streets for awhile they started to hurt....real bad. Wish I knew someone who has these boots that bought a size too big (38) so we can trade! I could only wish..until then my mission is to walk in pain and possibly stretch it out enough so it molds to my feet.

We craved sushi and headed to NoHo Art District for some dinner because upon arriving to my fav spot on Highlands, it was closed. North Hollywood is probably an area I've never explored, but heard many great things about...especially new lo brow artists, the dance community, and musicians. I should really explore the area more since I have friends living around the area too!

By the way, I'm heading to San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle for Christmas - New Years. Do any of you fashionable ladies know of cool local shops, dining, and art exhibits I should visit? I've been to SF many times, but always done the shopping at Union Square and that one road of all the high end shops but can't remember the name for the life of me. Would love to find great vintage stores while up there too :)

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