we paid tribute to the king and danced the night away of our favorite tunes of his on a hilltop apartment in silverlake, having sips of  jesus juice in a porcelain mermaid cup and showing off our favorite michael jackson poses.  kcrw played a really good mix of his music in different cultural styles 2 nights after his death. i started to get all emotional in the car as i remininst my childhood. i thought he was invincible. he's too good to die. my sequin obsession all started with him and my mom would find me in her closet trying to fit into her sequin dresses when i was 8. i also thought my mom was the most glamourus person i've ever seen. i envied her closet when i was young and then she gave them all away in donation. wish i had a say in what to keep.

i know i've been quiet abscent as of late, June has been really busy. From finding a new apartment for a month straight, the la film fest, kcrw world fest at the hollywood bowl, to birthdays and holidays...I'm exhausted. I'll be getting the keys to the new apartment tomorrow but I would most likely use this holiday weekend to move. Hope I could squeeze in a day for a "4th of july birthday bbq MJ tribute party." To add more stress to my life, I share a phone service with my brother and he goes and cancel it because he wants a new phone, so this week I'm left with no service. Frustrating but at least I get to buy an iphone now.

And, July 2nd is your last chance to enter to win the Current/Elliott jeans. I'll be announcing the winner on July 3rd...so wait for the good news! while I go and get all my things moved :)



I need this Christopher Kane Tee. More here: Luisa Viaroma
and the Alexander Wang Fall 09 accessories collection is looking pretty fierce!




Went to Paradise Cove yesterday and had an early dinner to hopefully catch a sunset, but the closer we got to the beach the gloomier it got. SAD but the iced seafood platter made up for it...and WOW I didn't know that wordpress had this gallery feature. Now I can upload a lot of pictures without feeling like I'm making people scroll too much.

I was shopping in Santa Monica last weekend and saw these limited edition look alike by Jeffrey Campbell in the window display at the LF boutique. What a dream come true! I say they look exactly like the Ann D, but just 1 eyelet more than the real deal. I was lucky because these were the last pair of my size, but they seem to be a tad big. Normally I wear a size 6.5/7, but I think a 6 or 5.5 would have worked best for me. Still able to walk great but needs some padding and it'll be perfect.

Wearing vintage tunic that can be worn in a couple of ways (my favorite types of clothing), american apparel black leggings and vintage peach sunglasses, jeffrey campbell for LF sandals, vintage embellished purse. More photos after the jump!


Current/Elliott Cloud Wash Destroyed Denim

Fashion + Geometry and Chicdowntown.com
teamed up to give away a FREE pair of
CURRENT/ELLIOTT cloud wash destroyed skinny jeans!

How chic would this be with a pair of black pumps like above?? These jeans are so "current" with the trend that it actually hurts not get a pair myself! But I could only award one stylish reader of F+G, please read the info after the jump to enter and good luck!



Just made this fabulous purchase from ancestorvintage over at etsy. I had these sitting in my favorites for nearly half a year, and to my surprise..no one had snatched these glorious boots! I thought its about time I get them before it is really too late. While most are planning their summer outfits, I'm already thinking of fall, maybe its the freak weather we had last week or that I love autumn much more than summer. I feel like I have better clothes suited for the cooler weather than the warm. And Its funny for me to say it this way since I live in southern California where the weather is rarely cold, so I suppose my cold weather items are equivelent to warm weather items in other parts of the world.

00100m 00170m

The corset lace ups reminded me of the boots from Ann Demeulemeester A/W 08 collection. Except not the triple laced version or have that curved heel, but still beautiful in its own right. Just the idea of saying "corset lace ups" gets me all giddy (i sort of have a thing for lingerie, which is why i'm happily working for a luxury lingerie/couture bridal designer). I feel much happier in finding vintage items that resembles a style that I love from the designer without paying a fortune for the name (unless it is the most essential item to have in my closet and none other can merit the same feeling for its design) and knowing that designers are often inspired from the past, I think its super cool to have a vintage pieces that designers are inspired to bring back to the modern world. Makes me feel like I have stuff that are more authentic than just the label.

shop bottoms at spanish moss vintage

Lately I've been paying close attention to pants with floral prints on them. I've been seeing a lot of floral harem pants in vintage stores and they look intriguing, but I don't think it's worth $70-$100 though. I'm going to hunt for some myself...and perhaps if I find vintage maxi skirts while thrifting I'll reconstruct it into pants. Shouldn't be too difficult right?




via jak&jil (more on his blog)

This is pure hotness, cheers for great photography and styling with the tees! I need to grab myself one at complex geometries to complete my wardrobe. I love the draping and oversized appeal. A top that can be styled in multiple ways for a fresh, unique look.

On that note, I've been on a hunt for some maxi skirts in black or white..for some reason its taking me forever to find them. I saw one here and probably will buy it there, but I would like to see more variety in shapes. Where have you spotted maxi skirts and dresses?



temperature has been on the low side these few days and today i nearly jumped out of my seat when the first thunder hit. coincidentally my boss and i walked out of our office at the exact time with glaring eyes. we looked at each other and started cracking up because it felt like we were mirror images of each other. her office is right next to mine and the doors are side by side. you would be laughing too if you were scared shitless by yourself in there and wanted to walk out to talk to someone and then to find the person right next door to you was thinking the exact same thing at the exact same time with the exact facial expression.

this coat is one of my favorite from zara that i got last winter. i love it for the pattern and the fact that i can style it in a lot of ways. above is pictured in its most casual form. and since it's been so gloomy, i find myself wanting to brighten up the weather with colors...which is sadly lacking in my closet. anybody feel that as you get older the less color you wear? i'm trying to bring back my youth this summer...

wearing an elastic belt definitely gives me some hourglass shape. in this photo im wearing it like a scarf/coat

here i put the scarf under the belt and fluffed up the top to imitate giant lapels for a magnificent shape.

you can pull up the back collar to block the mighty wind and give off this mysterious appeal.

and lastly the most quirky of all, wearing it like a scarf head wrap. its got a 60s vibe to it, no?

in these photos: zara wool open coat, american apparel sexualitee & flourescent red leggings, aldo grey heels, h&m elastic belt

edit: and thanks for all your wonderful styling suggestions in the last post! i'm going to try them all out and see how it works for me :D


I was quiet surprised that H&M got a new shipment of the Mathew Williamson line this past weekend. Unlike most that would go for his floral frocks and tunics, I was more drawn to this rich blue/green high waist color block pants. Though the shape and color made me think of the circus and penguins, I couldn't help but buying it! These photos don't do the color of the pants any justice.

The only color palette I could think of paring them is black or white to either make them stand out, or to tone down. I wore a f21 fur trim double breast coat, self cropped black muscle tee by gap, lace one piece from urban, and oxford pumps by aldo. I really need to go to my parents house...to visit them and to bring back my ysl pumps. I miss them both.

If you were to buy these pants, how would you wear them?

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