I promised you all pictures from my bday party and here they are! I made these inspired Marc Jacob's bunny ears for my bday and everyone loved it. Every year I usually make something special. Last year I made these feather hair clips and wore a flapper styled dress..and this year I wore the most gorgeous red dress and necklace from BCBG, vintage fur shawl, and my YSL tribute pumps, though I wish I had the time to go shopping for some gold heels. I also made these bunny ears for my Halloween costume. Can't wait to wear the rest of it to my friend's house party.

Bare with me...this is going to be a super long post!!

after I finished getting dressed and about to leave.

Japanese Tacos..the size of my pinky! :/

after dinner we migrated our table to the patisserie area and met up with the rest of my friends who didn't come for dinner. I felt that the party really started at this place..I couldn't be happier!

when my ice cream that was frozen in liquid nitrogen came with a candle on a cotton candy like texture cake.

I had also ordered some darjeeling tea..I love this shot, it was a nice atmosphere.

I can't thank the friends that came enough for making this so special for me. Pictures were being taken of one after the other..I felt almost like santa claus..in a red dress! haha, yay to being 25!

Towards the end of the night, I was pretty exhausted. Sadly I didn't get a good shot of my outfit. Should have done it in the beginning, but everyone was texting/calling me like crazy. I have to thank my boyfriend for taking such wonderful pictures. I wish he was by my side, but he definitely captured the spirit :)


Hi guys, after few short months I've decided to part ways with my beloved Zoe. I should have listened to all the bloggers who mentioned them being half a size large..at first I didn't notice, but after wearing them with tights..my feet started slipping inside. So, these are perfect for someone who wears a 7.5 shoes. I'm giving you bloggers the opportunity to buy them straight from me first before placing it on ebay.

you can shoot me an e-mail or leave your comment over at my selling blog if interested!

And now to find something that fits my feet! btw, sorry for being MIA..we had a fashion show in NY 2 Saturdays ago and it was my bday bash this past weekend..though my official birthday is tomorrow! Will post photos soon! xx


I haven't lusted after shoes since the Ann Demeulemeester ankle lace up boots, so seeing these crystal encrusted wedge boots by Tanja S London got me all stoked! Gorgeous GORGEOUS shoes! Which one to pick? Thigh high boots, ankle boots, cut out boots..?? I cant decide. They are to drop in the next few months and I can't wait try them on.


Sunday, the boy and I went to the Annenberg Space for Photography...I was hoping to get him interested in photography since he bought me a new camera. It got gloomy so fast and I really wasn't prepared for it. Quiet difficult to get any shots when I'm freezing to death and the wind is blowing my hair in all sorts of direction.

Say hello to my little friend. Ryan bought me this when we went New Japan (Sawtelle St) to eat. I was delighted because it now matches my gloomy bear bloody claw keychain. I seriously think that no matter how old I am, I will still carry something cute.

Speaking of the boyfriend..here he is..doing a little MJ dance :) He's wearing a Joy Rich cardigan, H&M polka dot tee that i like to call krispy kreme, Levi's Capital E jeans and I don't know who made those shoes..I believe he got them somewhere in Little Tokyo

wearing United Color of Beneton blazer, Express sheer pocket tee, vintage Levi's cut off shorts, Target tights, Sam Edelman 'Zoe' boots, Foley + Corinna bag (which I carry everyday), Luella x Linda Farrow sunglasses


Finally sent out my bday invites to the loveS of my life and I'm so excited for my chosen location! I wanted to check this place out for quiet some time now and whats better than to have a dinner/cocktail party there?

images found on Gastronomy Blog

This might be a bold move, but I invite everyone who reads my blog thats from LA to come join me on the 24th this month! This place is too cool to miss. You can read all about The Bazaar from the Gastronomy Blog!

You bet I'll be wearing something fancy :)


I interrupt my runway report to bring you this...the best collaboration yet! Not only is Spike Jonez bringing our childhood book to the silver screens but to real life as well. Speaking of childhood books, I saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball last weekend at the IMAX theatre, completely surreal...surround sound but visually surrounded! Anyways...

Dress up in faux fur from jackets, vests to dresses and pair them with tarnished silver or gold cuffs, necklaces and rings by Pamela Love. How amazing is this? I am in love! and I can't wait for the movie.

the texture of the last two white ones are fantastic. it reminds me of a sheep/lamb..which is totally me (my last name) haha :)

this vest by far is my favorite

I wonder how many people are going to dress up as Max for Halloween? I mean, it's sold out! That's one expensive costume, but so cute.

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