tops h&m, pants, scarf and bracelet f21,  shoes zara,  glove boyfriend's,  bag (barely there) foley+ corinna

Went to the M bar last Saturday to check out the Jazz Punks live performance. I didn't know what to think of them since we went on a whim, but it turned out to be a great show. It was also a nice 4-mile bike ride to Hollywood. On our way back my boyfriend and I came up with an idea. We're calling it Century Club. No, it's not a nightclub or that drinking game..we're going ride 100 miles a month! That's 25 miles a week. I think it''ll be fairly easy to acheive considering the fact that we ride all over Los Angeles.

It felt pretty gangster to ride with my giant studded bracelet and a motercycle glove borrowed from my boyfriend on the same hand. I noticed how well it was used as a reflective item on my body so cars could see me a little bit better at night. This is the first time Ryan approves me with studs (pat self on back). Though you can't see it, I've got studs on the back pockets of  my jeans. And besides all the metals, I do like how the ruffles on the top flutters as I ride.

note to self: buy front lights and helmet


an outfit post!

top bought on melrose, bottom aa disco pants, shoes ysl pumps, hat basiquent from popkillers, bag vintage from etsy

this is my first outfit post on the blog. sorry for the ugly mirror shot, the batteries died after taking this photo. i need a new camera really bad. it's been almost 2 years since my dslr camera was stolen. it's about time to get a new one.

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