NOOOOOO!!! I barely found out they were out and it's gone :(

edit: I can't believe the zebra ones are on ebay already!!


via refinery29

TASTY! I can't wait till these drop. I love the details of these pieces and that big ol graphic tee & dress. I've been thinking of recreating one myself. Screen printing animals on big black tees.

I'm getting my computer back later this evening so I can start posting regularly again! If you haven't noticed, I moved to blogspot! Still need to fix my layout and everything. AND I've got tons to update on...you know the usual..my shopping addiction, latest inspiration and of course my outfits this past week and other tidbits.

Oh by the way, since I've moved to blogspot, I lost all my links!! If you want to exchange links, leave a comment here :)


Attemting to update from my iPhone. Last friday my computer, camera and website crashed..almost at the sametime. How weird is that. I think I got a virus that went into my FTP program and hacked my site. It's the only reason that makes sense. As for my camera..it's just old. I probably won't be able to update until I get my computer back.. Maybe in a week. See you soon!




via fashionindie

I found my geometric hat fix. Though I don't know how you would be able to wear this, at least it's amazing to look at. By the way, tomorrow I will be hosting a new giveaway. Be sure to check back!! More lovely goodies for you all :)



I love Mayer Hawthorne and asked my boyfriend to buy me the heart shaped record. I didn't know when he was going to get it, but when he did I was delighted! Of course, I don't have a record player, but that'll come soon enough! For now, it will be hung on top of my bed...my bed is for lovers.

I want to thank you for your wonderful comments in the last post. It's good to hear other people's opinions on the matter. Sorry for getting all melodramatic..its not what this blog is for! And I realize I forgot to tag my outfit..oops.

I'm going to start plugging people who leave me wonderful comments. Go and visit Shantee, Ela, and Aimy because they're awesome and so is their blog.




Since my last post, I've been revisiting old clothes that I used to love. I found this Anna Sui top stuffed in the back of my suitcase. Why was this in the suitcase? I love this top! The delicate beads and subtle sequins is perfect. I wore it to work on Monday with a different pair of pants mainly because these harem pants in the photos are way too big and they keep falling off my waist. I'm going to try and reband it so it stays where it should. Also in this series, my new vintage hat that I mentioned in the last post. I love it lots.

Wearing Anna Sui red with beaded blue floral trim top , Zara floral harem pants, vintage white wool hat


hello lovers! i've been in a great mood this weekend because I finally got my bike back from Palms Cycle! They do a great job at restoring vintage bikes and really give you more than you expected from a little shop like theirs. It's no wonder people walk in every 10 minutes to check out a bike. I got hooked up with couple of great things. I didn't even know that brooks made leather tape for the handle bars. The owner gave me a 60% discount because he used the other half of the tape and the brooks cork ends. He gave me a chrome one to match my bike and helped me put it on for free. Lovely people that cares!


Will be going back there again to get baskets, a bullet light and a bern helmet. They really have everything you need for your vintage bike. On to more photos...







We were in Venice Beach just cruising around. After it got around dinner time, we biked back to Abbot Kinney and shopped for a bit. I've never been there before and always heard of great vintage stores there and was delighted to check out. Found a high-end vintage boutique called Ms Vintage that sells items such as Dries Van Noten, and Burburry to name a few. I was in love with this 50s skirt but I really cant put a $500 dent into my wallet right now. I must figure out a way to recreate it. Lovely boutique and lovely owner but stuff I will have to pass for now.

After dinner, we walked outside and I saw Bohemian Exchange right across the street. I was in love with the name and knew it would be a wonderful hunt. Walked in and wanted to buy the entire store..but I picked up a super soft and long cardigan that's light weight enough to wear on summer nights. And this white wool hat that looks like its from the 40s where you can tie around your neck so it wont fly away. Perfect for riding! Really lovely store with decent prices. I had a little talk with the owner and she's so down to earth and the fact that its non-profit for the community makes me feel good about buying things from her. Will be going back there again!

I love meeting people like her. Makes me feel warm and welcomed and that I can freely express myself in words, the way I dress, my point of views and my way of life. What a wonderful life that would be which brings me to my next subject...


a forest peep show..guess who?


I finally wore one of the maxi dresses that I mentioned buying from ebay awhile ago and I love it! Its too hot outside to be wearing all black, but I wore this outfit to check out Dam Funk's dj session at Amoeba this past Sunday. After the show we saw something across the street that was happening near Space 15 Twenty and decided to check that out too. Low and behold it was another Blogger Day event, I did a little twirl around each tent and didnt recognize anyone..maybe its the fact that I'm still new to all this. Haven't gotten to know much fashion bloggers in the area yet. If you saw a girl in an all black maxi walking around aimlessly..it was me! haha. I was probably there for less than 10mins because of the heat. My boyfriend and I left to grab some food and headed to Griffith Park to chill out...




This photo is too great. Caught in between changing poses when he snapped a Jesus pose...with that heart-shaped ray of light included! I name this the "Jesus loves you" picture.


The rings are very special to me, promise rings if you will. Last summer the bf and I headed to San Diego for the Thread Show and found lovely Australian gems and crystals. The turquoise stone belongs to my bf and he wears it on his pinky. Our mismatching rings represents our polar opposite personalities but stem from the same um..silver. I never take the tri-band ring off and plan to inscribe it one day. You may have noticed the ring in all my previous photos. I just never took a close up pic until now! It's just funny that a year later I see an ad from Cartier with this design..and Forever 21 making a copycat version. Oh and that's a new necklace by Figs & Ginger. Too cute! but I have a problem with fake jewelry..it usually leaves me with rashes on my neckline and chest...but for this fawn..it was too cute to pass up.


this could almost be editorial if it was a real model in place



I still find the process of getting my photos taken to be quiet silly. Especially when I try to take a serious photo. I can't help but to laugh at myself and have the urge to do something funny. Don't take fashion too seriously because it will eat away your soul...seriously.

I know this is a lot of photos but I couldn't limit as they were all great in their own way. Sunnies are by Linda Farrow x Luella


Here's a sneak peak from our photoshoot couple weeks back for Butterflies Spring 2010 collection! Only selected a few out of the lookbook I did last week. I'm very happy with the way they turned out. It was taken at an estate. The home belonged to a famous actress in the 50s that I cannot recall her name for the life of me. I would ask Claire again, but I've asked her 3 times already, haha. That's how bad I am with names.

Not much retouching needed on these photos! Her body is perfect and really showed off our young intimate apparel line, Butterflies in its natural habitat...sort of. My favorite is Zebra (second photo). Which one do you like?





shot 2-009646

shot 3-009798





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