Hi ALL! I am moving out of blogspot and hosting my own blog now. Please visit my new domain, though most of you are probably linking me at fashiongeometry.com already.

For those that are reading my blog through a feed, please update the RSS to:
http://fashiongeometry.com/feed/ to continue receiving my updates! I will have to email couple of feed providers to make that change as well.

See you at my new permanent home! :)


Hey Everyone!

Just letting you all know I'm moving hosts and getting things set up away from blogspot, it's Fashion+Geometry 2.0..with a lot more stuff. I should have everything back up and running in a week! I can't wait to start blogging again, it's been awhile and I missed you all! :)

xx Nora


I know I said I was going to take a break, but how could I resist sharing this?

Take a peek at the collection!

Love Lanvin's signature style drawings of the "front row" in the background.


I fluctuate between my interests, there's just so much creativity in the world to grasp and I need to explore everything. I've been deciding if I should start a whole new blog all together to include all that I love and find inspiring - fashion, art, photography, film, music, culture, and even in culinary.

but until I make a decision, I'm going on a short hiatus to live a life I've been trying to catch up with lately. see you soon!


It's always so beautiful after the rain, the clouds part and the sky is bright blue. It's rare in the city that it's this bright because of the LA smog. I've been waiting patiently for a day to go up on the rooftop to test my new lens and filter. all the photos here have not been retouched, thanks to the polarize filter for the beautiful contrast and getting rid of UV haze. It doesn't hurt that I got one of the L series lens too. I better start building some bicep muscles because it's quiet heavy to carry around!

Oh, and I also got a haircut! It's been difficult getting used to not feeling hair around my neck, but also extremely liberating when I swing my head side to side. I feel 10lbs lighter and no more of the curly hair that was difficult to comb through. This isn't the first time I went from long to short, but I never thought I get it this short again.

I've been wearing this new faux fur vest for awhile now. I got it 2 weeks ago at F21 for $6!! I like the contrast of thick texture against something sheer, the blouse is also from F21. Shorts, though you could barely see are vintage 80s Wilson's leather shorts.

The new jeffrey campbell clogs..it's really made of wood and I think hallow too because I can hear every footsteps going, clok clok clok. Super comfortable and easy to slip my feet in and go out.

I can see the Griffith Observatory from my apt!

and some snow on the mountain at a distance

a photo my bf took with the iphone, hehe.

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