Where have I been? Sorry for delaying my posts. I got quiet busy last week with birthday plans (I'm turning 25 next month!), taking care of an injured boyfriend, running errands and playing with my new camera even though I'm still waiting for my CF card from amazon.

I'm so happy for your positive response from my last post! I had planned to do a series of "runway trends" report for awhile but I always get really busy when fashion weeks arrive. Anyway..on to the trends!
Blue and Orange
Blue & Orange
Marc by Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Brian Reyes, Vivienne Westwood (red label), Jaeger London
This combo seems to be a favorite amongst the designer for spring and it's really refreshing to see different styles across the runway with such bold hues. It's everywhere from patterns, florals, to solids with accessories as accents.
Beige, Pink, Greys
Blush Pink, Beige, and Greys
Chris Benz, Fashion Fringe, Todd Lynn, Erin Featherson, Burberry Prorsum
This is my favorite mix, so much to where I actually went and bought the pink pants I saw on refinery29 last week from yoox.com. I'm probably crazy. Anyway, I really like Erin Featherson's entire collection, but I picked this pink dress because it's cute and sexy at the same time...and I love the new take with Burberry's signature trench coat.
White, Yellow, Black
White, Yellow & Black
Dsquared, Bottega Venetta, Christopher Kane, Fashion East, Jonathan Saunders
This color combo didn't catch my attention until Milan fashion week. I tend to stay away from these colors when I dress myself because I always end up feeling like a bee. At least I realize now that you can achieve this color story with minimal effort. Wearing yellow and white at top with black shoes, handbag or sunnies.

There were a lot of other color schemes on the runway, especially monochromatics, neutrals, bronze, and gold..but I'm saving it for the next post that has to do with textures :D

What are your thoughts about the Spring 2010 color harmony on the runway?


If you were wondering why I haven't made a post about Fashion Week its because I've been busy on style.com and elle.com checking out all the collections. I like looking at every collection to find something inspirational, but it gets tiring clicking on all the photos...how about you? So I wanted save my own time (and maybe yours) from going through my folders over and over again by grouping the trends I see from the runway into a few posts...
Graphic Prints and Florals
The Print Masters
Thakoon, Carolina Herrera, Zac Posen, Anna Sui
When I think Spring I always think of something cheerful, colorful and floral. But how do you translate the same season into a fresh perspective? I think the designers I chosen really knows about floral and prints. I feel aesthetically pleased when looking at them, and I'm not really into wearing florals!

Diamond Cut Outs
Angular Cut Out
Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs, Rodarte, Temperly London
I thought this was very cool. I've never seen so many cut out jackets, sweaters, and dresses before. Not sure how one would wear that Rodarte piece but it looks fantastic.
Polka Dots
Polka Dots
Luella, Tracy Reese, Devi Kroell, Karen Walker, Josh Goot
I'm a huge fan of polka dots, and to see it repeatedly on the runway gets me all giddy. Luella has been one of my favorite designers ever since I could remember, she always puts out cute and wearable items. Believe it or not, all the other designers are new to me. I've heard of them seen couple of pieces in real life but never put much thought into them until seeing polka dots in their collection.

What are your thoughts about the Spring 2010 prints & patterns on the runway?


Yesterday I wore my new Anna Sui for Target dress for the Crank Mas ride. Unlike most who ride with fix gears and wear the trendy fixie get up..I went for something different, only to match my bike of course. I guess I'm trying to bring a new statement to the party rides in LA. There needs to be more girls doing these rides! And I'm glad last night, a couple of friends brought their girlfriends to come along. It was so much fun. We finally named our crew "Like Yeah! Hot Sauce" because it's catchy and funny. More on the bike stuff later..and on to my outfit...

The night before the ride, I watched Coco Avant Chanel and it got me to dig up some black and whites, so I debut the Anna Sui dress with white tights from Target, Jeffrey Campbell for LF sandals and a F21 black pearls with bow necklace (really old). I couldn't decide on a hat..the american apparel wool floppy, or vintage cream wool ones...I think the black ones go better so it doesn't look like I tried hard to be black/white. I didn't wear it while riding my bike though..it would be against the wind.

Photos of the ride with me and my bike to come, waiting for my friend to post up the pics on facebook :)


vintage cardigan from the bohemian exchange, f21 tank & jeans, zara wedges

The Lobster Fest in Long Beach was pretty small. There wasn't much to do besides eat, drink and be merry. I ate an entire lobster to myself. Probably the most satisfying dinner yet. I'm also addicted to roasted corn and always get one when I go to festivals/fairs. After eating, we came upon this cool hat shop and fooled around with interesting things. I love all the masquerade masks!

And thank you for your input in the last post! I went ahead and returned the vest to H&M. <3>

Prior to the event, I went shopping and headed in Bloomingdale to find a foundation. I don't wear anything on my face except for the Dior HydraAction tinted moisturizer that I swear by. I've always heard great things about Chanel and decided to try it out. Anna covered my face and did me all over with Chanel products. I must say..the foundation is amazingly light weight and offers more than a tinted moisturizer..and so I bought the perfect foundation yet. The best part of this whole make over is that the eyeshadow lasted all day and night without creasing! I find that amazing since the eye shadows I use from Stila and Mac leaves crease marks after an hour.

I finally put something in my shop journal! So far I'm putting up shoes that I have stored away for a good while. Check it out and let me know if you're interested in buying anything. I put a lot of boots up since I know people are looking for some this season.

Woohoo, it's almost time for Gossip Girl :)


h&m faux fur trim vest, random blue tee, f21 white jeans, floral docs martens, linda farrow x luella sunnies, pocket chains turned necklace

This was today's outfit after playing around with fur last night. I actually bought the vest awhile ago, but after making the last fur vest purchase I'm contemplating on returning these. What do you think? I'm not really feeling it anymore...looked better in the campaign.

I bought the floral doc martens off eBay awhile back. I was sooo happy to finally get these, they go well with any plain outfit of mine and I can mix them in with work clothes..such as the one I'm wearing in the photo.

Couple months back, my roommate Kaliko gave me these 2 gold pocket chains..and I quickly decided to hook them together to form a necklace. I like the way it drapes and brings fond memories of those dookie gold ones Run DMC sported in the early 90s


american apparel floppy hat, nordstrom faux fur vest, vintage christian dior belt, zara cloud slouchy skinny, sam edelman boots

I've managed to get this stupid camera to work partially. Every 5 seconds it will tell me that my batteries are dying and closes on me. Ugh. Still waiting for the new camera to arrive. Wait list sucks.

I guess most of these are considered new for the fact that I never took pictures in them, well I have but they're from my iPhone..and quality doesn't serve them well. The Sam Edelman boots are by far the most comfortable wedges ever..I was surprised at how light in weight they are which means I can stand/walk in them for hours.

My new vintage belt is sooo gorgeous! I was worried it would be too plain and wanted to hook some gold chains around but after pairing it with this fur vest, I think it's perfect the way it is. Though I think I'll hook them on when I wear a different outfit. By the way, I got the vest at Nordstroms for only $50. It was on the sales rack for half off. It's super soft and a much better alternative than the stuffy rough ones going around the same price at H&M. My boyfriend said I looked like a bear when I tried it out at the store. I assured him after adding a belt it would be fine. And so I was right. This is a keeper.

Other news, I'm beginning to clean out my closet to make room for all my fall outfits and will be selling couple of items soon! Wait for it :)


First two images found on feather hunter, tangled chains by Sid Vintage on Emily Rossum, giraffe booties by Luxury Rebel and leopard wedges from Office

Ahh, what would Fall be without these? I want to go against the usual Leopard prints for Fall and buy lots of Giraffe prints. Firstly because I find Giraffes to be so graceful and beautiful looking. Secondly, when you think animal print you don't normally think of these fellow giants which makes me love them more. Thanks to Michelle of missnonhuman for tipping about these Office wedges called Minky Pinky. They're cute in their own way..and half off the sold out Ashish!

And I'm waiting for couple orders I purchased from the web by the end of this week!

twelve by twelve giraffe cardigan & taupe harem pants..after i get this im going on a safari trip.

vintage 80s gemstone long knit cardigan..can borderline on tacky, but i love it!!

vintage christian dior black onyx belt. this one is so purty!

vintage Wilson high waisted leather shorts.

I'm super excited for this one, been trying to find leather shorts of this length. I don't really like the whole booty leather shorts retail stores are putting out...like how do you even wear it out without some random guy slapping your ass? I don't know what it's like in other cities, but LA guys have no shame.

I also bought many many things from H&M, american apparel, and goodwill (for good ol DIY projects) the past few weeks. Sadly, I don't have a camera yet to show you what I've been wearing. Must steal roommate's camera to make outfit posts!


Despite the immense heat right now, I enjoy looking at fall pieces and dreaming about putting together looks and going around town in quirky outfits. I'm not sure what it is about fall, but it makes me feel so happy and warm inside. Maybe it's the colorful leaves, the earthy smell of the rain, the perfect LA weather that's a bit breeze but still warm at night. It makes me want to layer in lots of color combos instead of the neutrals I've been sporting all summer long.

I am in love with the new kate spade collection right now. Super fabulous.

Besides layering with clothes, it's the months where I actually want to play with accessories. I used to be a huge fan of pulling looks with hats, purses, and belts..but right now I'm really into vintage jewelry..especially reworked vintage jewelry. I wish I could afford buying the beauties from The Glamourai at Shrimpton Couture, but I'm afraid I have to find alternatives that still oozes glamour...so obviously it leads me to search on etsy. There are lots of great jeweler that are catching onto this fantastic art!

images: etsy and lolli

These will certainly define and complete any outfit.

PS. Forgive me for the lack of updates & replying to comments..I haven't really been online or inspired to dress up when it's hot, sticky, forest fires burning in the background and spending my hours working and preparing for market/fashion week. But soon! This blog will take full effect after a particular side project :)

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