sam edelman zoe boots @ akira chicago

This baby is back but selling out quickly as ever. Thanks to the lovely ladies, Lindsay and Melissa over at Akira Chicago for the heads up and giving me a call. I can't wait to rock them! You girls are fantastic!


Pictures from Jak&Jil

Holy batman, these look like they can cut and and fly. New favorite pumps.






It may be getting really hot to the point of wearing nothing but a bathing suit and hitting the beaches - meaning no jeans, leather, long sleeves and wool, but I love the latest looks shopbop has pulled together. This clearly represents the style I'm going for this summer. Mixing silver and gold hardware with sheer blouses and the color BLACK incorporated in every style. Though I'm very fond of dark brown and anything wood currently.

It could easily be achieved with what I have in my closet right now which is perfect since I'm trying to put my money in things other than fashion at this point. My bike is currently in the hands of skilled bike lovers that can restore vintage bikes in Culver City. I'll be posting photos of my handsome Raleigh in 2 weeks! I can't wait to start riding again, its been toooo long. I'm also sad that I wasn't able to enter the Topshop contest over at Chictopia due to having my bike restored, painted, and modded. At least my bike will be worth the pictures soon.

I need these from Fendi

Other news, I sold my laptop to my roommate so I can get the 5d mkII. yay! Another thing I miss doing - photography. I'm not going to be handicap no more! Wait till I get my hands on the new camera, I'll be shooting for a variety of things. Maybe to further fund this investment, I should sell some items in my closet that I don't wear anymore...vintage from 50s-80s, Marc by Marc Jacobs, anthropologie, shoes, h&m/f21/zara...don't know if anyone would be interested in my closet? I guess we'll see.




wearing h&m plaid shirt, topshop marble studded jeans, jeffrey campbell sandals

I sort of altered this shirt. Bought it over a year ago and haven't worn it more than once. Mostly because there were these smock details on the side and puff sleeves that I hated. Whenever I wore it, the top would rise up when I lift my arm. So I took the seam ripper and got rid of both. Cuffed the sleeves and felt good about the way it turned out. May sew the sleeves to stay in that form so it wouldn't roll down like the photos below. I was very much inspired by the idea of mixing patterns this summer. Though it was pretty hot to be wearing jeans, I got these 2 weeks ago and haven't made a post about it. I think they're bad ass.






most of my pics look like this. half opened eyes, closed eyes, or not photo ready. i think its hilarious.

(before ripping out the seams)


For the amount of food photos I put here, I think I should start a separate food blog. We went to the groceries to buy items for a picnic at the beach, but woke up a little too late after a night of my roommates birthday celebration and decided to have a little courtyard fun. We went and bought 2 variety of sausages: chicken & apple and jalapeno & chicken. Others on the skewers were whole mushrooms, cucumber, pineapple and shrimp. It was yummy. Of course, this wasn't enough for the 2 of us..we also had salad from Chipotle.


photos from style.com

Resort doesn't have to be boring according to Balenciaga. I'm loving the play on shapes, textures, and volume. Wouldn't it be nice that our skirts stay in that shape all day long? No need to adjust and fluff. The criss-cross color block heels look great too.




zara white tunic, h&m moto jeans, zara wedges, aa sunglasses, random necklace

New moto inspired acid washed jeans from H&M. Another thing that I immediately found the last time I went in for a quick purchase. I love these, but my boyfriend thinks otherwise. Haha, his opinion doesn't stop me from buying "weird" things though!

I rarely take photos outdoors, and I really love a scenic background instead of my white walls. Can't beat the beautiful sun light minus the heat.

I'm tired of not having the camera body that I've been wanting for so long. I've mentioned before that I had my dSLR stolen from me 2 years ago and I haven't bought a replacement since I want to upgrade my camera. Long waited for the 5d mark II to come out, but the price is over my budget. Save for camera, or save for another heavy materialistic purchase? Moving has set me back couple hundred, so it's going to take longer to get the camera of my dreams. For now, putting my skills that I get paid for is all I can do. Can't beat the real thing and the time it takes to manipulate each photo.




Saturday turned out to be one eventful day. We slept in and pondered what to eat and what to do. It was one of those weekends where we didn't make plans. The default thing to do when we don't plan is to shop, but Ryan said he doesn't want to do the usuals. While eating at Phobulous, we talked about ballet. I've never seen it in person before so it sounded like a good idea. Ryan searched and found Romeo and Juliet playing at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion that night. I was excited! The only problem was that he didn't have anything formal to wear that night and I also didn't have anything that I felt was fitting for ballet. We ended up shopping 2 hrs before the show started, it was hectic, rushed and under a lot of pressure. Of course, H&M would be the ideal place to find something great. Upon entering the store I found the perfect dress for the evening! My boyfriend then found a dress shirt to match me.


It was so steep, I felt a bit nauseous but it was okay after the lights went off.


end of act I




right after the show. i really wanted a picture in front of the fountain. since we rushed to get there on time we didn't take any when it was still bright outside. I like the ambiance of these photos though.


1st photo: vintage daisy mesh babydoll, f21 dark denim skinny jeans (not shown), zara olive wedges (not shown)
ballet photos: wearing h&m dress and jeffrey campbell for LF sandals. i felt like a rock n roll ballerina.

I know I shouldn't be all gushy when I see a celebrity, but I can't help it. You just don't expect seeing someone on TV to be walking by you or even look at you. I saw Carrie Ann Inaba during one of the breaks and she was limping by me because the heels she was wearing was hurting her. I feel you girl, walking in high heels can be tough but can't deny how good our legs look in them.





It was pretty warm yesterday and I threw on my new Zara silk blouse for a classy look for work but it's a little risque since you can slightly see the floral black lace of my bra. and I paired it with the skinny jeans that are a little too big. It gives off a bit of the boyfrendish look. I thought cuffing them up like the proper way of cuffing blazers would be extra spiffy on pants. I like it that way a lot, plus it actually stays in that shape without having to re-cuff them. Mornings are still a bit cold, I brought a yellow cardigan to me to work in case. Shoes are by Bakers from a long time ago. And I've never worn them until yesterday!

After work, my boyfriend and I went to eat at the French Market Place on Santa Monica. I never ate there for the fact that everyone sitting outside are much older. We decided to explore and act pompous if we had to..but luckily everyone was cool and the decor was pretty awesome too. There were a few shops inside to check out inside, nothing too fancy though. It's got a bit of a Disneyland vibe to it, but cute nonetheless. The food on the other hand was spectacular.


I ordered a white sangria, looks good and smells good but I really had to mix the fruit around to get that flavor.



my horseradish Alaskian salmon on a bed of spinach and red skin mash potatoes. it was heavenly in my mouth!





I love ebay for selling the things I can't find in real life. Can't wait to wear them in 2 weeks. They reminds me of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. You can wear these all glammed up in the evening or in a casual environment depending on how you accessorize. Either way will attract loads lot of attention! What I like about maxi dresses is the fact that it's easy to wear, super comfy and you become instantly chic (I love the instant part)! My boss has been wearing these super cute floral and jewel toned maxi dresses all week long and it inspired me to get something with print and color, but I really couldn't resist these black and white for the silouettes.


Photo 60

Photo 80

Photo 69

I can't remember the last time I made a proper outfit post! I swear I'll get back on track very soon and catch up with commenting and reading everyone's blog. I feel so out of the loop! I barely finished unpacking and organizing my closet last night, haha. I just love to organize. The other day I went to the container store and wanted to buy everything, but only left with a new shoe rack that hangs from the door. Pretty awesome. The rest of my room is still a mess, though you could barely see in the photos. The living room and kitchen needs more work. I want my bathroom and room to have an earthy and organic theme to it, so lots of wood, gems especially turquoise, and stones...more on that later.

Lately it's been really hot and I didn't want to wear jeans. The crochet cape has been on my back the past few nights. I'm super in love with it. I also been straightening my hair, I think I'm over having curls. Time to go back to the natural route.


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