I love ebay for selling the things I can't find in real life. Can't wait to wear them in 2 weeks. They reminds me of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. You can wear these all glammed up in the evening or in a casual environment depending on how you accessorize. Either way will attract loads lot of attention! What I like about maxi dresses is the fact that it's easy to wear, super comfy and you become instantly chic (I love the instant part)! My boss has been wearing these super cute floral and jewel toned maxi dresses all week long and it inspired me to get something with print and color, but I really couldn't resist these black and white for the silouettes.


MizzJ said... @ 7/17/2009 5:55 PM

That white one is absolutely gorgeous, so simple and elegant.

slanelle said... @ 7/19/2009 1:52 AM

the white one is beautiful

renee said... @ 7/27/2009 12:39 PM

ugh god i concur with everyone, that white one is stunning. exquisite. i want it.

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