a forest peep show..guess who?


I finally wore one of the maxi dresses that I mentioned buying from ebay awhile ago and I love it! Its too hot outside to be wearing all black, but I wore this outfit to check out Dam Funk's dj session at Amoeba this past Sunday. After the show we saw something across the street that was happening near Space 15 Twenty and decided to check that out too. Low and behold it was another Blogger Day event, I did a little twirl around each tent and didnt recognize anyone..maybe its the fact that I'm still new to all this. Haven't gotten to know much fashion bloggers in the area yet. If you saw a girl in an all black maxi walking around aimlessly..it was me! haha. I was probably there for less than 10mins because of the heat. My boyfriend and I left to grab some food and headed to Griffith Park to chill out...




This photo is too great. Caught in between changing poses when he snapped a Jesus pose...with that heart-shaped ray of light included! I name this the "Jesus loves you" picture.


The rings are very special to me, promise rings if you will. Last summer the bf and I headed to San Diego for the Thread Show and found lovely Australian gems and crystals. The turquoise stone belongs to my bf and he wears it on his pinky. Our mismatching rings represents our polar opposite personalities but stem from the same um..silver. I never take the tri-band ring off and plan to inscribe it one day. You may have noticed the ring in all my previous photos. I just never took a close up pic until now! It's just funny that a year later I see an ad from Cartier with this design..and Forever 21 making a copycat version. Oh and that's a new necklace by Figs & Ginger. Too cute! but I have a problem with fake jewelry..it usually leaves me with rashes on my neckline and chest...but for this fawn..it was too cute to pass up.


this could almost be editorial if it was a real model in place



I still find the process of getting my photos taken to be quiet silly. Especially when I try to take a serious photo. I can't help but to laugh at myself and have the urge to do something funny. Don't take fashion too seriously because it will eat away your soul...seriously.

I know this is a lot of photos but I couldn't limit as they were all great in their own way. Sunnies are by Linda Farrow x Luella


Kym said... @ 8/05/2009 1:37 PM

helllo ms nora! :) thanks for dropping by! you look great in these shots! ;P and that ring? ME LIKEYYYY A LOT!!

Lily said... @ 8/05/2009 7:44 PM

These are such gorgeous pictures I love your boots xx


Ela said... @ 8/05/2009 11:54 PM

Especially love the back of that maxi! And your tri-band ring! OH and I adore the photos where the sun is just streaming down, love it!

Thanks for your warm comments, Nora :) Yes, BFs/Hubs are awesome. After being married for almost a decade I pretty much expect that he KNOWS what to say, LOL.

SOMETHING PICASSO said... @ 8/06/2009 3:13 AM

This is totally like an ed. The cut of that maxi is awesome... where's it from?

Shin said... @ 8/06/2009 5:28 AM

I love the black maxi dress and the picture with the heart-shaped sunlight is so cool! You look amazing! xxoxoxo

Steph H. said... @ 8/06/2009 6:50 AM

Those are great photos! Love it!

MAGDArling said... @ 8/06/2009 7:19 AM

u look fabulous;D love the 2nd pic;)

Fashion Moment said... @ 8/06/2009 9:49 PM

You look great, and shoots are fab!


OkayDoood said... @ 8/07/2009 3:43 AM

yeeeaaahhhh... who's that behind that tree? O.o and you are a real model ^^

ellio100 said... @ 8/07/2009 10:39 PM

ooh these pictures are awesome - the heart in the background is so cool. nice stories about the rings :D

bryna said... @ 8/09/2009 9:06 AM

love the bag and the ring, especially!

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