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photos via Mink Pink

Midnight browsing and found cool outfits for summer activities. I can't get my mind off that fringe vest, knotted white tunic/dress, animal print anything, cut out top with graphic print skirt and biker shorts..i need lots of those this summer, and of course the wonderful head accessories they have going on here...studded cat ears? too cute!


Shantee said... @ 8/03/2009 9:17 PM

i remember seeing those floral bicycle shorts somewhere and i love it so much!

Ela said... @ 8/03/2009 11:57 PM

Hey Nora! I love all these looks and so in love with the details on that white tunic/dress!
LOL, you were right on your guess about my cousin being older - but I'm taller (we were just sitting down funny). I'm just under 5'4 and she's barely 5' tall!

HauteWorld said... @ 8/04/2009 4:23 AM

I adore that fringed vest and that cat-ears headband. So adorable! That fringed bathing suit is pretty cool as well. Great photos - thanks for sharing! Lovely blog by the way :)

Aimy said... @ 8/04/2009 6:43 AM

Love these! I'm thinking about getting the parka, I saw it at Urban Outfitters.

xs said... @ 8/04/2009 2:29 PM

i just saw some of their stuff on revolve today.

Tamara said... @ 8/04/2009 4:58 PM

Love all these outfits, amazing!! Mink Pink is the brand?

renee said... @ 8/09/2009 2:48 PM

mink pink = amazing...

www.shopnastygal.com sells some of their stuff, you should check it out!

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