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TASTY! I can't wait till these drop. I love the details of these pieces and that big ol graphic tee & dress. I've been thinking of recreating one myself. Screen printing animals on big black tees.

I'm getting my computer back later this evening so I can start posting regularly again! If you haven't noticed, I moved to blogspot! Still need to fix my layout and everything. AND I've got tons to update on...you know the usual..my shopping addiction, latest inspiration and of course my outfits this past week and other tidbits.

Oh by the way, since I've moved to blogspot, I lost all my links!! If you want to exchange links, leave a comment here :)


Macy said... @ 8/22/2009 5:40 AM

I LOVE the animal printed dress! It's the exact sorta thing that I love about Christopher Kane.

Alexandra said... @ 8/22/2009 7:06 AM

I love this collection! The pink dress and the yellow dress are my favourites.

Shantee said... @ 8/22/2009 8:42 AM

these look yummy :D i love the mesh heels!

Slanelle said... @ 8/22/2009 3:50 PM

i think i've seen one of those on jane from sea of shoes, no ?

Anonymous said... @ 8/24/2009 8:53 PM

i'm SO. EXCITED. for this collection. the alligator dress must be mine...

LAURA. said... @ 8/25/2009 5:20 AM

the pink dress is so cute!

x moichanelcouture.blogspot.com

Ela said... @ 8/25/2009 2:02 PM

The navy dress with the sweetheart neckline - love it!
Yay, Nora...you've moved to the blog side!
p.s. I'm your first follower ;)

Lilee said... @ 8/25/2009 8:49 PM

omg the crocodile shirt dress is amazing and i really want it! great pics!

FrouFrouu said... @ 8/26/2009 8:09 AM

gorgeous, i'll take it all please.

- nadia

jamie clare said... @ 8/26/2009 8:33 AM

ohhhhhhhhh lordy, you are just asking me to not eat for a month so i can buy all of this, right?

totally obsessed with that little blue bustier dress. yumyum.

HOW ARE YOU NORAFACE? i feel like we haven't chatted in ages! no bueno.

FriendInFashion said... @ 9/08/2009 8:59 PM

I need the pink dress - nice collection! :)

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