or not! my butt is a disgrace to Brazilian butts BUT horizontal stripes can give an illusion that I have one! hip hip horray! im aware im very punny and my boyfriend doesn't think its funny. oh yeah, did i mention i can also spit rhymes. :)

these leggings are not meant to be high waist and i wish they were so i don't have to wear them so low otherwise i'd be walking around with a camel toe..not cool. and yes i wear leggings as pants sometimes, especially with crazy prints.

i love these pair of shoes and my camera doesn't do it justice..or most of my outfits anyway. they're actually burgundy wine so imagine it without that yellow tint..oh so jazzy.

my hair is a mess, i gave my bangs a trim 2 weeks ago and they were perfectly straight..now they've grown out. so fast!

the aldo shoes were actually my first choice to pair and goes so perfectly, but im trying to break out of my default colors.

wearing french connection angora ruffle cardigan, super soft white mesh top that i got from work (sample top that i used to photograph, which i then photoshop prints on top later), f21 cropped leggings, h&m elastic belt, jessica bennett cut out oxford heels, and aldo grey heels

and for kicks....

im going to be seeing dirty dancing the musical and visiting my parents this weekend, perhaps the reason behind this ecstatic post!


Renee said... @ 6/04/2009 3:39 PM

i love this. it's so funky and cute. i love stripes too but not everyone can pull them off, and you do it really well here. and yeah, talk about being a disgrace to brazilian bums, i (unless you're one of the really lucky ones) have a little buttock too... reason #1 why it can suck to be asian. lol.

slanelle said... @ 6/04/2009 4:15 PM

the cardigan looks fantastic, i have a feeling you can do so much with it !

Jules said... @ 6/04/2009 4:17 PM

soooo pretty!
From the cardi to the stripe leggings! So cute!!!!!!

MAGDArling said... @ 6/04/2009 10:41 PM

love the cardi;D those ruffles are so cute;)))

HoneyBunny said... @ 6/05/2009 3:20 AM

You look so fab! Love that ruffle cardigan<3 It's too cute for words:)

Stephanie said... @ 6/05/2009 6:07 AM

Wow! What a great outfit! You look so cool, I'm jealous! These are great pictures! =)

aline said... @ 6/05/2009 7:56 AM

that ruffle cardigan is beautiful!

Ania said... @ 6/05/2009 8:45 AM

have heaps of fun this weekend then :)


Gracie said... @ 6/05/2009 9:04 AM

You are such a doll!

Love Grace.

cocorosa said... @ 6/05/2009 4:12 PM

love love love this!! love the striped leggings and love the ruffles!! you look awesome! <3

annie said... @ 6/06/2009 12:40 AM

oh my god, LOVE the second outfit! the black and white and prints look so amazing! i seriously love that.

la chauve souris (the bat) said... @ 6/06/2009 11:14 PM

lovelly outfit...love the rufflessss


bonne nuit
the weird bat

Claire said... @ 6/07/2009 1:46 AM

Great outfit (the stripey one!!) and I really like the sculptural shoulders of your cardigan!

Antoine said... @ 6/07/2009 2:43 AM

OOooooh AND we really love sparkling "Fashion zebras" as You !!!!
ps: The "worn as a second skin effect" is all the more full of subtle SEXYness with the so "neo romantic" pastel tones of the cardigan and the top. . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

becs said... @ 6/07/2009 7:45 PM

I could never pull this off, but you look great! Love the combo of stripes with the ruffles.. and your second pics are fun! You look way chic.

xo, Becs

Ness said... @ 6/07/2009 9:06 PM

Great look, i love the first picture the cardigan and the shoes are amazing

Marissa said... @ 6/08/2009 1:04 AM

Lovely leggings!

charmaine said... @ 6/08/2009 1:41 AM

so unique! i love it! very very cool voluminous ruffles!

loft in soho said... @ 6/08/2009 6:22 AM

You look amazing!
thanks for your comment dear,
I love your blog


Jessica said... @ 6/08/2009 12:32 PM

cool!! and your shoes?? i love it!!!

KAELA'S ROOM said... @ 6/17/2009 2:12 AM

That ruffled cardigan is so pretty and feminine - it's lovely!

xo k

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