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I love Bonnie & Clyde. This makes me want to watch the movie again.

Film style photoshoots are always fun to look at too. It's my favorite kind because it has a lot of emotion, scenery, and a good story. In these photos you can see the drama, hear the gunfire and smell the dirt and smoke. So despite what people are saying about this editorial -- being cheesy and all, I still love it! You can't deny that these are still great shots of the clothes. I love it when they coordinate his and her styles. It's not because I have a boyfriend, it's the act of romance and balance between masculinity and feminininty. We all have those traits in our personalities, and to see it physical in a material world makes me all mush.

There's a side project that I am finally working on...I had this idea floating in my mind for a year now, and with the tremendous support from my boyfriend and friends I am finally pushed out of my insecurities...mostly of whether i will have enough time for it, or if i will fail -- but that's part of the excitement right? I have to keep it a secret until I get everything aligned. I could only say that it's a creative project that I hope would bring me closer to my dreams.

Thanks everyone for your continuing support of my blog. I know I haven't been around much to read all your blogs like I usually do, but I do read your comments and e-mails. My nonresponses are due to heavy work loads, change of location, and added projects. I hope to catch up soon though! I even bought a new zoom lens and filter for better photo quality :)


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