"I approach fashion more like a sculptor then a tailor" - sandra bucklund

Recently discovered her work and was smiling through the archives. This is exactly the reason why I named my blog fashion + geometry...well mostly because I'm a graphic designer working in the fashion industry, but also how I've discovered so much similarities in both through principles and elements of design. Entering the fashion world with no technical fashion education, I only have my background to lean on when critiquing and communicating with fashion. I have learned a lot about it by working side by side with this field and it has helped me to see more texture, form, and color among other things that strengthens my design abilities. I couldn't be happier with this sort of experience, but I think I will always feel like a noob since I go mostly with my gut instincts then try to back it up with technical thoughts.

In other news, I was riding my bike yesterday to the bike day LA event held at space 15twenty in a flowy 70s white mini dress with an open v-shaped back and sadly..got sunburned. Totally forgot that the sun is the enemy in the afternoon and that my hair doesn't cover my back like it did a month ago. No photos of that outfit because I was having too much fun riding, but I did ride with heels as usual since the bike is fairly big on me (can't touch the floor). And thanks to my boyfriend, he got  me new cream colored tires for my bike. The restoration of my raleigh will be complete after I get a front bullet light, wicker basket in the back,  an orange cream paint job and new brooks leather saddle. This will probably take another 2 months since there's so much I want to do with my money right now such as buying new materials to make stuff, saving for the much needed camera, and couple of events coming up later this May. I can't believe it's May already!


Phuong said... @ 5/04/2009 5:04 PM

yes for mathematics and fashion!

winnie said... @ 5/05/2009 3:04 AM

Oh I absolutely adore Sarah Backlund! Too bad about the sunburn, sounds like you were still pretty glamourous riding that bike though!

Cassiopeia said... @ 5/05/2009 10:16 AM

immense... loving the last two in grey!


Shin said... @ 5/05/2009 3:53 PM

I love your heels and your white jeans are so perfect on you! I love your blog by the way! xxoxoxo

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