white blazer & peach body con dress h&m, grey heels aldo, vintage necklace fairfax flea market

I've been meaning to post this yesterday but decided to spend my evening watching the latest gossip girl on youtube. Who watches that show anyways? It's my guilty pleasure. I may be a little old to watch high school drama on the upper east side, but I am so caught up with the Blair/Chuck relationship. I cried when he gave her the prom of her dreams. Haha, I'm not even kidding. They need to get together already!

Anyways...lately I've been inspired by light, nude, and peachy colors. I need more light colored heels to match my nudey inspiration. These are my only light pair and it really stands out against a sea of black. Honestly, I was questioning about that body con dress from H&M, I always felt very self "conscious" about those types of dresses. I'm afraid of it giving too much curves and attract a lot of unwanted attention, but then I thought..I get a lot of attention for the way I dress anyways, so why not bring it home and experiment! So this is the first part of experimenting with this dress. There were other colors on the rack, black and hot pink but I felt this one suits me better. Pairing it with a white blazer certainly kept it classy yet sexy. I can wear this anywhere!

I also had a lovely weekend giving back to the community. I donated 8 bags worth of clothes to the nearby Goodwill. I hope these stored away clothes will have a better home than the trashbags I placed them in for months. It's hard to let go, even when I took them all out to see which one to keep and which one to donate. I tried on each one and asked my boyfriend for his opinion, and he certainly was no help! He had nothing but good things to say, "You should keep it, looks good on you." Well, of course it does..thats why I bought them in the first place honey! haha. After awhile I stopped trying them on and started being realistic. I had them in the bags for so long for a reason. I'm never going to wear them again, so I stuffed them all back in the bag and didn't look back. Then, off I went and browsed around the racks.

I found a pretty cream blazer that fanned out on the bottom. The missing buttons didn't stop me from purchasing, it only inspired me to find better buttons to sew on. I pictured it with my aa disco pants and thought how perfect it would look. Next I went and bought couple of mens t-shirts and did a little tie dye action, and they came out great! I plan on cropping them and wear them with white mesh top (will be making from scratch) underneath..a bit funky but I'm in the mood for funky. Last stop was to h&m and bought couple of pretty light and airy pieces. I especially love that grey nylon bubble skirt. It poofs and feels nice.


Daily News About Shopping : A few links about Shopping - Wednesday, 13 May 2009 21:30 said... @ 5/13/2009 2:30 PM

[...] Peach Girl [...]

agnes said... @ 5/13/2009 3:22 PM

Gorgeous. I'm so into white and nude clothes this days. You look just perfect. Kisses x Agnes

jamie clare said... @ 5/13/2009 3:52 PM

can you watch all the gossip girls on youtube? i don't get that channel @ my apartment lol. and i love it soooooooo much.

i'm about to sell some of my clothes to a local consignment store, but generally everything that i don't sell i give to goodwill. and there is nothing better than browsing the racks!!!

Maggie said... @ 5/13/2009 4:50 PM

I like ur white blazer, very sleek n chic! I agreed with u, giving away's one of the best way of recycling, i had donated a few bagful of old clothings n toys to a local church recently. Btw, i m so looking forward to receive my disco pants too! :)

slanelle said... @ 5/13/2009 7:14 PM

i love nude colors at the moment, so i loooove your peachy dress

Stephanie said... @ 5/14/2009 3:59 AM

Cute peachy outfit! I too am looking for some light, summery clothes. No need to feel self-conscious about that dress, you're definitely rocking it!

Thanks for visiting my blog!! I just started so it's so great to see new blogs to link to! :)

P.S. I love that white, sheer top.

Xoxo, Steph

Cassiopeia said... @ 5/14/2009 8:52 AM

gorgeous, i love the subtle tone of the dress :-D


districtofchic said... @ 5/14/2009 1:18 PM

Gorgeous blazer, seriously. It's so fresh!

daria&willow said... @ 5/14/2009 8:08 PM

thankyou!! =)

omg you do nude colours so perfectly!!!

seriously, i'm drooling over every single piece in your outfit (in a non creepy way of course!) the blazerrrrrrr my god i have a massive thing for blazers and i love you body con dress--- the colour, the fit, EVERYTHING

wow i sound like a massive nut
but seriously, gorgeous


casual cutie said... @ 5/14/2009 10:01 PM

wuaaaaaaaaaaaaa....those are adorable collection. i love it.....give me please...for a gift...hahahaha

Emily said... @ 5/15/2009 7:05 AM

Love the nude dress and white blazer!

Adri said... @ 5/15/2009 2:28 PM

Believe me I cried too. I love Gossip Girl way too much i get overly excited for each episode. I'm loving the mix of the nude dress with the white blazer.

Jessica said... @ 5/16/2009 2:53 AM

I LOVE Gossip Girl!! I just caught up on the past two episodes last night! I loved how Chuck gave Blair her perfect prom and smiled while doing it too! I want them to finally get together too!

I love the mix of the nude dress with the white blazer...perfect combination!! =)

shesdressingup said... @ 5/16/2009 7:56 AM

I love this outfit! The dress is gorgeous!

Gracie said... @ 5/17/2009 1:31 PM

You look adorable!


Linda said... @ 5/17/2009 6:09 PM

Nora, you look beautiful! I miss you, and I love frequenting your blog. =)

lisa said... @ 5/18/2009 4:09 AM

Love this look; it's so fresh, clean, and on-trend for spring. I'm on the hunt for a pair of nude/beige heels myself.

okaydoood said... @ 5/18/2009 11:35 AM

this is one of my favorite outfits of you. i just read a review of the 5d mark ii and they said it was the best bang for your buck compared to the $8k nikon and $6k sony. also, the ability to record hd video gives me reason to continue saving for it.

Nora said... @ 5/18/2009 3:23 PM

linda! what is your blog so i can link you?

gloria said... @ 5/18/2009 4:10 PM

omg.. congrats on ur anniversary!! i love going to the huntington library too... but my pix NEVER look so rich like urs... were they altered or u had a professional camera? wow i never knew the tea room was that popular... u must tell me how it is when you try it!

la chauve souris (the bat) said... @ 5/21/2009 8:17 AM

just discover your blog and really like your style!!! I will be checking it more often


bonne nuite
la chauve-souris

Lara said... @ 5/24/2009 5:11 PM


amzing blog darling!
exchange links?


Eva Ana said... @ 6/03/2009 10:55 PM


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