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Ryan says my default outfits are usually cardigans, tees, and jeans. I guess I can't help it because it's the easiest to style when I'm in a hurry - and I'm always in a hurry! Especially getting dressed for work that has a pretty casual atomosphere. So once in awhile I head over to Totokaelo for style notes that works for me in my everyday work life.


Sushi said... @ 4/07/2009 1:36 AM

These are wonderful! I love, love, love the dress with the blazer x Sushi

okaydoood said... @ 4/07/2009 7:08 AM

the top left - white with black bottom - would look good on you^^

yuka said... @ 4/07/2009 9:03 AM

omg what a coincidence. lol how are you?? are you living in LA now? cute blog. im gonna add you to my blog list.

Kay said... @ 4/07/2009 9:51 AM

I'm exactly the same with the default outfit!
Love Totokaelo, I'm yet to buy anything because it's pricey but the looks they put together are inspirational

Nora said... @ 4/07/2009 1:50 PM

i've been good. i moved to west la back in november. are you living in LA now too?? we should totally go thrifting/vintage shopping and catch up!

xs said... @ 4/11/2009 10:39 AM

they have great style. i love webshops that have a individual personality with their merchandise.

How I Lost T h i r t y P o u n d s in Only a Month said... @ 5/06/2009 3:43 AM

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Elaine said... @ 5/18/2009 3:47 PM

Thanks for your comment! Don't know if you check your older entries but while browsing I saw this and it totally gave me inspiration for future outfits. THANKS!

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